Friday, June 15, 2012

Calla Lily View - Art Challenge

"Calla Lily View"

I hope you enjoy the challenge this month at Artistic Sentiments.

Happy Painting!

I look forward to your paintings!

All artwork should be sent to me at, and should consist of an attachment of a good quality jpg image, cropped to show nothing but the artwork. I will not post out of focus, poor quality photographs.

Make sure your name and website/blog address are included with your submission. Also be sure to include "Artistic Sentiments" in the subject line. No large file sizes please. Do not exceed 1000 pixels on the widest side. Please keep the resolution to 72 also. Thanks.

Three pieces of artwork per artist per art challenge will be allowed.

Another Monthly Art Challenge you may be interested in:  Rendition Me This

~ Dana Marie


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